Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Color Caution

I came across this advertisement last week and decided to use it for our class discussion. Coca-cola is a prominent worldwide brand that has presented a great variety in advertising throughout the years. The image below is part of a series of ads with the inscription live on the Coke side of life.  

The most notable feature of Coke is its use of the color red which is assertive, powerful, bold, and intense. However, in this image the overuse of color immediately drew my attention away from the traditional presence of red in Coca-Cola, which is used as a background element. Reynolds notes in Presentation Zen Design that warm colors are used more often for foreground elements as they tend to pop out. The red aspect of this design isn’t particularly effective for emphasis. 

The type of the Coca-cola brand is classic and remains unchanged. The case of the live on the Coke side of life message is a bit strange and could be larger for better readability.

I would say all in all its an attractive ad for a younger audience who would be drawn in by the bright array of color choices. It’s visually appealing at first glance, but closer examination does uncover a few flaws that could definitely be corrected.

I included another image below from the series that illustrates a similar effect.

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