Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tropical Design

I was in Florida over the Memorial Day weekend with this assignment in mind. It made me contemplate the process that goes into designing things I wouldn’t normally think about. The hotel I was staying at featured a beautiful open area right outside the lobby leading to the beach. One of the perks of this design is that it can accommodate events and daily activities in the hotel. I took the picture below on my first day. The two staircases leading to the grass are beautifully arranged with plants and pottery. The palm trees line the pathway creating a tropical setting that complements the ocean background.

The open grassy circular area made me think of Reynold’s reference to empty space in Presentation Zen Design. “Designers see empty space not as nothing but as a powerful something” (2010, p. 21). The effect may appear simple to some, but the avoidance of clutter offers a breathtaking quality that accentuates the ocean and greenery. I personally think that the designer who came up with this concept did an excellent job. Every element appears to mesh together perfectly. I only wish I was still there right now!

On a side note, I was able to get a peek at a setup for a wedding that was taking place the second day of my trip. I included a photo below just to show how striking the effect of this design could be when other elements are added in moderation.


  1. That is very inviting! You make a great point about the lack of objects being just as powerful.

  2. Chris,

    I think the ability to design a scenery with as little objects in the picture will allow the individual to invite themselves and start to think better. As humans, we sometimes cannot think straight when there is too much clutter because our brain cannot sort things out and brainstorm at the same time. Good post.