Monday, April 2, 2012

Fictional Storytelling

I figured since we have been working with fictional storytelling the last couple of weeks, I would give it a shot for one of my blogs since it’s not my normal forte:

Abby wasn’t the type to get so emotional but despite her new found joy, the world was also weighing on her shoulders. A year ago today, sitting behind her desk waiting for a new client to arrive for a financial consultation, she became agitated as a half an hour past the appointment time was passing. She got up from her desk to head into the lobby to chat with Jessica the receptionist. “My biggest pet peeve is when people are late. You know some jerks think they are so important that they can just waltz in the door whenever they want and expect everyone to wait for them on pins and needles...”

Jessica interrupted, “Um Abby, I think your client is actually here, standing right behind you.” She turned around with face red from embarrassment. “Hi, uh, you must be Daniel. And you can call me Mortified.” Daniel laughed and reassured her that all was fine. They moved into her office and began to discuss his money situation. “Well, I’m trying to get a loan approved to start up an animal day care business. That’s part of the reason I was late. My dog Rusty has been sick lately and I ran into some traffic on the way back from the vet.” Abby felt bad about her comments before especially since it all involved an animal. She’s always been an animal lover and admired Daniel’s passion to start up a business revolving around them. Maybe he wasn’t one of those jerks; anyone who cared for animal’s so much must have a big heart.

The next few weeks past and Abby arrived at work and checked her voicemail, “You have one new message: Hey Abby, it’s Daniel. Just wanted to let you know I got the approval for my loan. I heard you put in a good word with the bank. You must let me take you to dinner to thank you.” She had an instant smile and butterflies in her stomach. Her mind raced as she thought about how wrong it would be to date a client, but she couldn’t help the fact that she hadn’t stopped thinking about him since he’d been in her office.

They went to dinner, and another dinner, a movie, met each other’s friends, then the parents. Six months later, Abby was advancing at work taking on new accounts daily and Daniel’s business was going to be having a grand opening in three weeks. Then Abby’s boss dropped the news, “You’ve been doing so well lately and we’re all so impressed; we need you to head to the west coast and get things moving in our LA office. It’s a great opportunity and a big step up.” She was flattered, excited, and distraught all at the same time.

She got home and broke the news to Daniel. He looked at her and smiled with tears in his eyes. “So what does this mean for us?” Abby had no clue what to say. “I have to go, I’ve been working for a chance like this for ten years, but we can make it work, I know it.” Days then months went by, and despite the phone calls and skype sessions, they began to drift apart. Abby’s job was overwhelming and Daniel’s business was booming. After a late night at the office, Abby got home to a voicemail, “Hey Abby, seeing as how we haven’t spoken in a week and you seem to be setting up a new home for yourself in Los Angeles, I’m thinking it’s best if we take some time apart and work on each of our lives so neither of us gets hurt through all of this change…” She sat and took it all in and cried. “I’ve never felt happier and devastated all at the same time.”

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