Friday, March 2, 2012

The Vacation Book

Last week I spent five amazing days in Aruba, and now I’m back to reality in New York. I can’t be too upset though; it was a great trip and I’ll be back before I know it. In 1995, my parents decided that instead of our annual trip to Disney World we would pick a new destination. My Mom brought home a huge book featuring all of the tropical islands and information about each country and its activities, landmarks, and culture. So, we each got a few days with the book and at Sunday dinner the following week we would all sit down and reveal our choice from the book. If there was no majority decision, we would then talk out the four choices.

I studied that book like it was the SAT’s and went over each option thoroughly to make sure I made the best choice possible. I ended up picking a town in Mexico and was sure based on the information and pictures that at least one other person would agree. It was Sunday, and everyone came to the dinner table with their index card in hand ready to reveal their choice. I, being the youngest, went first. As I happily turned over my card, everyone listened and nodded as I explained my reasoning for Mexico. My sister was next, and she showed her card which said “Aruba.” Ok, it was a good choice too but not as good as mine. I didn’t listen to any of her speech as I eagerly awaited my parent’s choices.

Next up was Mom. She’s 100% percent going to pick Mexico, the level-headed matriarch of the family. The card flips over… Aruba! What, no way! I think I immediately started to sweat and show signs of panic. Again, her reasoning was completely blocked out of my mind. What would Dad choose? If he doesn’t choose Mexico, then Aruba it is. I was sure everyone would pick my choice. Oh how young and naïve I was. Dad laughs and shows his card. ARUBA. I nearly fainted, as I stood up and yelled “This was a setup! How did you all choose the same place! This is ridiculous.” After my hissy fit subsided and the vacation was planned, I reluctantly agreed to go. Everyone else had made the best possible choice. We had an incredible vacation, and my parents loved it so much they invested in a timeshare. Each year we go back and enjoy one of the most gorgeous places in the world and consider it our second home. I can’t even imagine if we would have gone to Mexico. We have made so many great memories in Aruba and they continue to grow each year.


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